It's really hot!

Summer has arrived and so has the heat!

Here are some tips to help you enjoy summer.

Heat wave, be cautious! 

Pay special attention to vulnerable people around you.

It's really hot! Pay attention to young children!


Annual activity report and the financial report


The annual activity report and the financial report of the CSSS des Collines are now available in the section Our Publications / Annual Reports (french version only). 


Rapport d'Agrément 2012

Le CSSS des Collines désire vous faire part que le rapport d'Agrément 2012 est maintenant disponible pour consultation.

Nous vous invitons à en faire la lecture en cliquant ici.


Go ahead... bring your baby with you!

Breastfeeding Support Program (Petite route du Lait), is a regional initiative to identify places in Outaouais warmly welcoming moms breastfeeding their babies. Storeowners and agencies participating in the Breastfeeding Support Program can be recognized by the international breastfeeding logo, displayed at their building's entrance. When they see this logo, mothers know that they can find a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere to breastfeed their child, before carrying on with their day. Furthermore, the won't be obligated to purchase items at these locations.

Several businesses in the Collines territory participate in this great initiative. To view the list, click the link or visit the Facebook page of the Petite route de lait de l'Outaouais.

The CSSS des Collines breastfeeding policy is available in the section Our Publications / Policies (french version only).


Réaménagement de la salle d'attente de l'urgence du CSSS des Collines

An English version of the press release will follow shortly.