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Invitation to attend Annual General Meeting

The Users' Committee would like to invit the population to the Annual General Meeting on June 10th. 


You may also read the document "Règles de fonctionnement" (available in french only).  Click here to have access to this document.

Users Committee

According to the Health and Social Services Act, each institution must implement a users committee along with a specific budget within its global operations budget. When the institution operates a center with services offered to residential users, it must set up a residents' committee in each of its locations.

Thus, the Centre de Santé et de Services sociaux des Colines has a Users Committee for all of its institution's users.

To contact the Users' Committee, please call one of the CSSS, either 819-459-1112 or the free number 1-877-459-1112 and mention the extension 2525 or by e-mail at

You will be invited to leave a detailed message on the voice mail and a member of the committee will contact you shortly.

Mandate and functions of the user's committee (French only) (210 Ko)
Flyer Users'Committee (pdf 139 Kb)

Rapport annuel d'activités et financiers 2011-2012

Pour consulter le rapport annuel d'activités et financier 2011-2012 du Comité des usagers du CSSS des Collines cliquez ici.

Félicitations au comité des usagers

Félicitations au comité des usagers du CSSS des Collines qui a reçu le 27 septembre dernier... pour en lire plus cliquez ici