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Four CLSC points of service for des collines population

The Board of Directors of the CSSS des Collines has finally made the decision to keep the four CLSC points of service open until 2010, to provide services to the population.

This unanimous decision came after long reflection. The CSSS strategic plan envisaged keeping only 2 CLSC points of service, one on either side of the river, to provide longer time slots for ongoing healthcare services. This would also have allowed us to be more efficient and to provide coaching for our young nurses.

Added to this was our desire to increase the number of hospital beds in Wakefield and to house all residential services under the same roof. As you are aware, residents are currently located in both the hospital and the residential centre in La Pêche.

The Board of Directors had no hesitation whatsoever about developing new residential places in La Pêche, as this is absolutely essential to caring for the ageing population. The need for more short-term hospital beds has also been clearly demonstrated. The CSSS des Collines has the lowest short-term bed ratio in the Outaouais.

Why keep 4 points of service? Because zoning difficulties have restricted the possibility of installing the 2 planned points of service in the desired locations, which would have been the most accessible for the population. The Board of Directors made its decision based on the most effective way of serving the population, given these municipal restrictions. Financial considerations played no part in the decision, as it is simply untrue to claim that it would be less expensive to maintain four points of service rather than two.

The Cantley, La Pêche and Val-des-Monts points of service will offer a varied range of services, as well as regular and ongoing healthcare services with appointments. The Chelsea point of service will also provide a wide range of services, by appointment only.  The ambulatory clinic and the reception are open Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

The La Pêche point of service will be relocated within the municipality, although the CSSS will maintain offices in Masham sector so that high-school students will have access to services close to the school.

- Source: Camile Spain, deputy executive director / telephone: 819 459-1112 ext. 2519